Our dog boxes are made of the highest quality materials. In addition to their beautiful appearance, they are also distinguished by their long durability.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does dog box cost?

The price of the dog box depends on your requirements. We recommend that you submit an inquiry.

How long will it take for my dog box to be made?

Ker bokse ne delamo serijsko je dobavni rok 2-3 tedne. Since we do not produce boxes in series, the delivery time is 2-3 weeks.

Do you also offer delivery?

Of course. We deliver boxing anywhere

What if I have any special wishes?

Our goal is satisfied customers. If you have any wishes or requests, let us know and we will accommodate you.


Our satisfied customers

We present to you some of our satisfied customers.


We have been looking for a solution for our Ali for a long time. This dog box is great. Ali hes feel good in it.


We chose a boutique dog box for our Doberman. It is well made and can be moved around the entire living space.


We have already bought a couple of boxes for our pet. This one is the best so far. Because it is well made and our puppy feels good in it.


Since I live in an apartment, I was looking for the most convenient and visually beautiful solution for my dog. This dog box is the right solution.


Phenomenal dog box. It was made to order for us. That’s why it fits perfectly with our furniture.


The dog box is very convenient. Since it is on wheels, I can move it and vacuum under it. This is how my apartment is always organized.